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Who am I?

A picture of myself!

I hail from a small town in northern California. A place just a hop and a skip away from the great golden states capitol, Yuba City! Roaming the streets of the doldrums often made me a dull boy. Though I always found solace in immersing myself in personal projects and cycling. In high school I enrolled in 4 years of computer animation in high school. The course allowed for me to gain a passion in computer design. Autodesk Maya gave me an outlet. Somewhere to put the things I saw in my head into a physical representation. Even from a young age I had strong interests in engineering, K'nex, Legos, and erector sets were always my favorite toys as a kid and I have always planned to involve myself in engineering in some way or another. Twenty years from now I'd like to be living on my own solar farm. In the back I hope to have a shop where I manufacture bicycle frames for both traditional cycles and electronically assisted bicycles.