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My name is Zach Kirchman. I grew up in Humboldt County from birth and I became interested in engineering around middle school when I was looking for the perfect combination of my talent in math and interest in science. In high school, I had the opportunity to take a couple of drafting technology classes where I worked with AutoCAD and a couple different 3D printers. My particular interest is in mechanical engineering, however I am currently attending Humboldt State University as a transfer student from College of the Redwoods as an Environmental Resources Engineer.


In high school, I took three classes that familiarized me with AutoCAD, a computer aided design program. Those classes taught me how to project a 3 dimensional obect in 2 dimensional space, create a template for those projections to print and present in a professional manner, design 3 dimensional solids made from a database of real world materials, and learned how to do stress analyses on those 3D solids. I also familiarized myself with 2 different 3D printers and made a buisiness card holder, money clip, and C-clamp.

At HSU, I learned how to measure the quality of the local, fresh water bodies using a Dissolved Oxygen meter, Turbidity meter, and pH calculator. These allowed me to measure the effects that the activities on HSU's campus had on the local waterways.


(Me with my dog Flynn at the Mad River Pump station, Arcata, CA)

For a copy of my professional resume click here: Professional_Resume

Here is an example of a CO2 analysis I did on an HSU dorm room: CO2_Analysis CO2_Spreadsheet