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Yaad Rana


Im an American born Nepali. I grew up in humboldt, went to McKinelyville high. I play soccer, surf, fish, hunt, and beach comb often. I was a boy scout and involved in key club and relay for life. I am passionate about dogs I've always had them in my life and consider them friends. I went to San Jose State for Mechanical Engineering however decided to go into alternative energy, and decided to come back home to Humboldt for an actual degree in ERE. I want to focus on all types of alternative energy and hopefully implement them in developing countries.

Technical experience

I have worked as a Drafting Technician for a CE firm in Eureka called Oscar & Larson Asso. I learned about the procedure of drawing designs for buildings.

I worked as a Process Engineering Intern at San Jose Waste Water Pollution Control Plant, gaining knowledge of systems with waste water and running tests to clean effluent.

I have taken Photo voltaic and solar thermal installation courses.

I have built a vertical axis wind turbine with hybrid sovonius and darrieus blades, I am still trying to attach an old computer drive to create energy with it, but for now it is a beautiful wind ornament.