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I am new to HSU this year as a transfer student. I am originally from Iowa, and I first attended college at the university of Iowa. Then I went to College of the Redwoods for a year. My origional interest was going to Med school to work towards becoming an ENT. When I switched majors I found that Humboldt State has an excelent Environmental Engineering program. This is my first time living in California, and I am always up for meeting new people.

Interests/Experience in Engineering

In high school I participated in competitions for programming robots and designing floor plans using AutoCAD. I got first for state for programming and AutoCAD and made it to nationals for both.

I also worked on a design project for ENGR 215 and the link for that project will be on the left sidebar.

I am interested in water quality management and also weather proofing structurs from earthquakes, tornados, etc.