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I am a lecturer in the department of Physic's and Astronomy at Humboldt State University. I recently graduated from the University of Colorado (CU) Boulder with a PhD from the Department Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences . My dissertation research focused on solar system formation, with a particular interest in the formation of the giant planets and their moons.

In 2007, I received a MS in Astronomy from San Diego State University. My master's research project involved an analysis of High Speed R-band CCD data collected at Mount Laguna Observatory . These data were gathered on the night of Deep Impact , a joint NASA, JPL mission which involved crashing a spacecraft into a comet to see what would happen.

I am a native of Humboldt County and attended HSU as an undergraduate, where I received a bachelor's of arts in German and a bachelor's of science in physics. It is now my pleasure to teach

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