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Fun Facts

Picture of Toni

I was born in Bellflower, California. I lived in the city of Lynwood for my first two years of life. I then moved to Bellflower (the city I was born) I have lived there ever since. I attended Mayfair High School. I was very involved in school. I was in ASB (student government) all for years and was ASB President my senior of high school. I was a three year member of the Monsoon Marching Crops; I played the French horn and the mellophone. I love to play soccer I have played since I was seven years old. I love to doodle lightning bolts. I want to learn how to surf. I am a family girl, I love being with my family. We are always eating and having a ball. I wish to travel the world and learn about different cultures and religions. I am fascinated by religion and enjoy learning the different rituals and stories behind each religion. I want to become an Environmental Engineer so I can help solve different water problems that affect our world.

Work Experience

I have never had a job, but I have done various volunteer works. I have worked with big crowds of people when volunteering at Dodger Stadium. I have also worked with small groups of people in planning different event for my high school. I helped coach my younger sister’s soccer team alongside with my father. I have learned a wide range of leadership skills through my volunteering experiences. I have gained techniques in working with different types of people.