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If THIS HEAT were the successors to the FAUST thing, then DEAD C are that to THIS HEAT. I can only hope you know what that means. - Tom Lax

Irish Fanzine The Swedish Nurse interviews the fab three back in 1991. Big thanks to Stephen Rennicks for scanning and making this available!

An exhaustive interview with Dead C. taken from De/Create

Tom Lax on Clyma Est Mort from the late great Volcanic Tongue, which is offline as of April 2016.

A interview with Bruce Russell by Simon Johnson.  

A great Bruce Russell interview from 1991, culled from the pages of Insample

Bruce Russell talks to Popwatch magazine about Corpus Hermeticum, etc.

Michael Morley chats with De/Create

Bruce Russell/A Handful of Dust interview from De/Create magazine.

A quite interesting 1990 piece from the New Zealand magazine Alley Oop

First recognition in The Wire, 1995

Summer 1999 feature from The Wire

Dead C. entry from the Trowser Press Guide to '90s Rock

Dead C. entry from the Spin Guide to Alternative Rock

Overview of the Xpressway label from Popwatch magazine.

Invisible Jukebox session from The Wire magazine.

Archives of newsgroup

Fall 1993 mail-order catalog from Forced Exposure

December 1994 mail-order catalog from Forced Exposure

2004 mail-order catalog from Forced Exposure • (PDF, 8MB)