Tom Lax, Michael Morley and DC fans
An academic kneaded his chin while T. Lax provides the muscle at the first ever Dead C. show on US soil, May 1995, San Francisco

43 Sketch from a Poster cass (Diabolic Root)

Perform Max Harris cass (Diabolic Root) 

'I Love This' on V/A Display Ideas for Supermarkets cass (AUS, Toytown International)

The Live Dead See cass (Xpressway)

DR503 LP (Flying Nun) (reissued on CD by Feel Good All Over (USA) with one track from the Perform Max Harris cass, late 1992 - now deleted)

'3 Years' on V/A Xpressway Pile-Up cass (Xpressway)

"The Sun Stabbed" 7-inch (Xpressway)

'Fire' on V/A Fingernails cass (Toytown International)

'The Wheel' on V/A In Love With these Times CD [first edition] (Flying Nun) 

Perform DR503b cass (Xpressway)

'3 Years (remix)' on V/A Xpressway Pile-Up LP/CD (UK, Avalanche)

Helen Said This LP (USA, Siltbreeze) (Helen Said This LP and Trapdoor Fucking Exit cass reissued as Trapdoor Fucking Exit CD by Siltreeze, 1993) 

Eusa Kills LP (Flying Nun) (reissued on CD, no extra tracks by Flying Nun, late 1992)

Runway cass (Precious Metal) 

Trapdoor Fucking Exit cass (Precious Metal) 

"Hell is Now Love" 7-inch (Siltbreeze)

'5.12.90' on V/A "I Hear the Devil calling Me" 7-inch (USA, Drag City) 

"Power" 7-inch (USA, Forced Exposure)

'Puberty' and 'This Map' on V/A "Bullets Wrapped In Sugar" 7-inch with Bananafish magazine 

Harsh 70s Reality dbl-LP (Siltbreeze) (reissued on CD in 1998, minus two tracks)

Clyma Est Mort LP (bootleg, Proletariat Idiots Productshuns) (reissued on LP by Siltbreeze, 1994) 

'Trainenbeutel' on V/A "What's That Noise?" 7-inch (GER, Raffmond) 

'Bad Politics','Crazy I Know' and 'Angel' on V/A Making Losers Happy LP (Drag City)

"The Dead C. v Sebadoh" 7-inch (Siltbreeze)

"Metalheart" 7-inch (Corpus Hermeticum/Precious Metal)

The Operation Of The Sun LP (Siltbreeze)

World Peace Hope et al CD (Shock, UK)

The White House LP/CD (Siltbreeze) 

Repent CD (Siltbreeze, live CD - new xerox cover pasted over leftover digipacks of The White House!)

"There is Something to Be Gained" on V/A Waiting to Be Old (Opprobrium)

"Hell is Now Love"/"Bone" 7" rereleased on Siltbreeze 7" comp V/A Tarred & Furthered (Siltbreeze)

Tusk LP/CD (Siltbreeze)

The Dead C double CD (Language Recordings)

New Electric Music CD (Language Recordings)

The Damned CD (Starlight Furniture Company)

Split Series 18 (with Konono Nº1) - 12" (Fat Cat Records)

"Relax Fallujah - Hell Has Come" 7" (Ba Da Bing)

Vain, Erudite and Stupid: Selected Works 1987-2005 CD (Ba Da Bing!)

Split LP (with Hi God People) (Nervous Jerk Records)

Future Artists LP/CD (Ba Da Bing!)

Secret Earth LP/CD (Ba Da Bing!)

Patience LP/CD (Ba Da Bing!)

Dead C vs Rangda split LP (Ba Da Bing!)

Armed Courage LP/CD (Ba Da Bing!)

The Twelfth Spectacle Live 4 LP (Grapefruit Records)

"Palisades" 7" single (I Dischi Del Barone)

Trouble double LP/CD (Ba Da Bing!)