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I grew up in a small town in the redwoods 45 minutes South of San Francisco and about 10 minutes from the ocean. I attended La Honda Elementary until I was in 5th grade whereupon I transferred to Cunha Intermediate School in Half Moon Bay, about 20 minutes North of my town. I went to school there for 3 years before graduating to Half Moon Bay High School. After 4 years and attaining my GE Diploma I started attending Humboldt State University. Currently I am a junior at Humboldt State Majoring in Environmental Resource Engineering with a Minor in Philosophy. Some of my favorite activities to do outside of school are: Snowboarding, Dirt-biking, Reading, Cooking, Camping, and Hanging out with friends.

My main interest right now is in the field of my major, Environmental Resource Engineering, specifically Biodiesel. For the last 10 years my father has been actively researching and producing Biodiesel at our house in La Honda. Because of his extreme interest in Biodiesel he instilled in me that same interest of Biodiesel. With a Degree in Environmental Resource Engineering I hope to go in depth into the world of Biodiesel to see if I might be able to find an ecologically beneficial way to replace America's dependence on fossil fuels to 100% environmentally sustained Biodiesel.

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Some overall experience I have had in and out of school includes taking 4+ years of Industrial Arts classes focusing in Metal Working and Small Gas Engines, working for a summer in a Mechanic's shop in Half Moon Bay, and helping my father with the production of Biodiesel which includes: gathering Waste Vegetable Oil from restaurants, mixing the proper chemicals with the Vegetable oil, draining off Glycerol(byproduct of Biodiesel production), and the testing/application of our homemade Biodiesel.