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Picture of me

My name Is Ciera and I grew up in Foresthill, California. I love to read and to sketch people and animals. I like exploring nature and observing wildlife in order to draw what I see.

Girl Scouts is really what got me interested in helping people and eventually in helping the environment. Scouts instilled in me a good sense of right and wrong, it taught me about diversity and sister-ship. Scouts designed programs and events around green energy, environmental responsibility, and many more along those lines. Their motto is even "Leave it better than you found it". These ideas eventually led me toward a profession involving the environment.

I decided to come to HSU because they have a good Environmental Engineering program and it is beautiful here. Although I am still debating between Environmental Resources Engineering and Environmental Science, there are a lot of opportunities for getting involved in either major and I am excited to be here to learn about helping the environment in any and all ways that I can.