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Academy & SOTA's School Farm


Who Am I?
Name:Tanya GarciaHS Grad Pic.

I was born February 6, 1995, making me an Aquarius, also known as a "water bearer." The day I found this unoriginal fact out, I vowed I'd protect oceans, rivers and lakes all around the world, making the Zodiac one of the first influences on my decision to become an Environmental Resource Engineer.

I was born with the privilege of being from a city that is very environmental friendly.
San Francisco, CaliforniaBay Bridge SF

As a child I attended a charter school that contained children starting from kindergarten all the way to 8th grade, better known as a K-8. At my K-8, San Francisco Community School, I grew up with project based learning that almost always included nature or wild life. As a child I worked on projects such as gardening, composting and even building clay ovens which molded me as an environmentally conscious person. Soon these activities transmitted to my high school career at the Academy of Arts & Sciences (Academy).At the Academy I became involved in the Campus Sustainability Center (CSC), which was the only environmental group on campus. While being a part of CSC we had great accomplishments that changed the school forever. Examples of this include and are not limited to;
Ordering recycling bins for every class room
Making schedules for club members to pick up and properly dispose of recycling
Writing letters to win Grants to fund activities
Educating students on Environmental Awareness
Trail Restoration
Building worm bins for compost

The biggest accomplishment I'd have to say was collaborating with ECO SF to create our flourishing school farm. There a variety of crops are grown all year that are used for fun things such as cooking pizza in the oven. The most fantastic part about the school farm is that we have CHICKENS!