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Steven Martin Ph.D.
Old growth redwood tree.
Giant sequoia in Sequoia National Park

Relevant Links

National Park Service and NPS-related links

National Park Service home page

George Wright Forum (journal)

NPS social science program

Park Science (journal)

Park Planning

Nat’l Parks Conservation Association

Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association

Grand Canyon Colorado River mgmt plan

Yosemite Nat’l. Park planning page

Wilderness links

University of Montana wilderness information network

Yosemite Wilderness Information

Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute

Arthur Carhart Nat’l. Wilderness Training Center

The Wilderness Act of 1964

The WILD Foundation

International Journal of Wilderness

Wilderness Laws

Permitted and Prohibited Uses of Wilderness Wilderness Uses CRS Summary

Wilderness Watch

NPS Wilderness Management Policy Wilderness Management Policy

Yosemite Wilderness Information

California Wilderness Coalition

The Wilderness Society

Wilderness Medicine Institute (NOLS)

Wilderness First Aid Preparedness (click on Wilderness Nurses)


Federal Land Management Primers Primer 1   Primer 2

Forest Service recreation home page

Forest Service Recreation & Wilderness programs

Forest Service home page

Forest Service Region 5 ( Calif. ) home page

BLM home page

BLM Arcata home page

Calif. State Parks

Outdoor recreation research information

Nat’l. Assoc. of Recreation Resource Planners

Healthy Parks Healthy People - Parks Victoria   Health Benefits of Nature

International Symposium on Society and Resource Management

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Survey on wildlife recreation

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