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My bio

photo of web author I'm Spencer Murphy from Oakland California, and i have decided on being an enviromental engineer. I was drivin into this field because I have always felt the need to dedicate my life's work to saving the environment, but I was never stimulated by the formality and ineffectivness of the environmental sciences fields. Here within the ERE department I know that I can make a difference and allow my creativity to shine within my professional life. I have also found that new engineering technologies have inspired me the most in my education.

Technical Backround

Although I am completeing my first year at HSU, I believe that my work in high school has prepared me well. This is because at Oakland Technical High School I took courses including descriptive geometry, mechanical physics, 3D modeling, engineering principles, and architecture. While in these courses I was able to use softwares such as AutoCad, Inventer, Rivit, and chief architect.