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My name is Sarah Parr and I am majoring in Environmental Resources Engineering at Humboldt State University. I attended Academy of our Lady of Peace is San Diego and was part of the schools JV robotics team and engineering and course where we were taught the basics of engineering and did lots of hands on work. My work experience has been as a beach lifeguard assistant for the Coronado Beach Junior Lifeguard program for two years and volunteered for them three years prior.



My experience in engineering includes self-taught projects and a high school class. I have taken an engineering course where we built a foldable parabolic solar oven out of cardboard and an arcade cabinet. From my own experience, I have built multiple platforms in a tree, along with a zip line. My job with the Coronado Beach Junior Lifeguard program gave me experience with the general public and helped with my confidence when communicating with others.

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