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Growing up in the suburbs of the San Francisco Bay area, I had the privilege of being exposed to myriad different worldviews and political affiliations as well as people on all levels of the socioeconomic ladder. Growing up middle class but surrounded by the wealth and excess of the economic elite I became increasingly aware of the wasteful decadence of much of the Bay area's urban and suburban sprawl, and determined to change it. In spite of my budding social awareness I found myself at San Francisco State University pursuing a degree in audio production with a crisis of conscience. After two years off of school due to health complications my path has brought me to the Humboldt State University Environmental Engineering program, where I am currently working towards my own actualization and for a reduction of humanity's impact on our fragile world.

Research Interests

I am extremely excited about the possibilities presented by commercial space travel and eventual terraforming. I would like to work on projects related to offworld development and sustainable human settlement.


Work Philosophy

I approach problems with humility and curiosity, and I am not afraid to fail and try again. I enjoy finding new avenues of thought and new ways to reevaluate my own methods while interfacing with different environments. Above all else I relish the dynamic nature of human interaction and try to foster an attitude of excitement and collaboration wherever I go.


Relevant Coursework

Calculus I
Chemistry I
Intro to GIS