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My name is Shaela Hogue and I am an engineering student at HSU. I was born in San Luis Obispo, CA and lived about 20 miles north of there for my entire life before coming to HSU. I have always had a good sense of direction which helps me find my way around when I travel to new places. I am also a very good analytical thinker and public speaker, which I think will be beneficial while I'm at HSU and one day in an engineering environment. I can lend these skills to participating in 4h and FFA and doing various public speaking events. Those programs also taught me responsibility since I raised market animals and took care of them every day. In high school, I took three years of French from which I have some understanding of the language. I have also worked at my family business doing various jobs ranging from computer work to product assembly.

A little more about who I am

I'm not always outspoken, but if I need to communicate, I'm not afraid to talk and say what needs to be said. I love observing how people and animals interact with their environments and watching the patterns that people demonstrate in social situations. Noticing, in an objective view, how myself and other people act helps me to continue to mold my personality into someone I'm proud to say I am. This also helps me to stray away from personality traits that aren't so gracious. One aspect of my personality that I am very proud of is that I set very high expectations for myself which, unfortunately, causes me to live my life at a high anxiety level. With the council of others, I have learned to accept that it's okay to shoot for perfection but only attain excellence. I have come to realize that it's okay to not always know the answer and this has really helped me deal with my anxiety. I have learned a lot since I have opened my mind to the idea that it's okay to be wrong. I know that studying Environmental Resources Engineering is going to open my mind to answers of environmental problems that I have been pondering on for years.