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I hail from the always bustling Los Angeles area, specifically Riverside. I grew up in the local mountains in a small town called Running Springs, and spent my childhood scampering through the residential forest. We moved down to Riverside when I was seven, as both of my parents had received teaching positions at an elementary school there. I spent a lot of time in their classrooms before and after school both helping and hindering them around the class, and even had the privilege of having them both as teachers. As a MarkerMorse I live in a very loud and hectic house that always seems to be in a constant flux of chaos and food. My family always has an extra seat at the dinner table and an extra bed for those in need. It is a rare occasion that we do not have company over, and I sometimes think the rest of my family has forgotten the meaning of the phrase ‘peace and quiet’. I went to school in Riverside from first grade to my senior year, until I graduated from Poly High school in the summer of 2013. Most of my time in high school was spent completing my studies and working my full time job at the best pizza parlor in Riverside County, Capone’s Pizza and Pasta. The free time I did possess I split between paintballing and swimming, two things I absolutely love doing. I also ran two clubs on my high school campus; Students Against the Violation of the Earth (or simply SAVE), and the Agricultural Society. These two clubs along with my love of the outdoors and my interest in high leveled math, lead me to peruse an Environmental Resource Engineering degree at Humboldt State University, where I currently reside.