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About Me

picture of Solomon ClarkMy name is Solomon Clark, I am an Environmental Resources Engineering student currently studying at Humboldt State University.

Prior to enrolling at HSU I studied studied solar panel installation at College of the Redwoods, and prior to that I worked with Cogniscence Labs in Arcata designing opperating software for commercial robotics. I have been employed as a Graphic Designer for the Ink People in Eureka, I am also a certified Apple Product Professional.

Outside of school and work I like to create art, garden, and make the world a more beautiful place to live.

Sustainable, Diverse, Green

The environment is something which supports and sustains us all, however throughout the course of history the environment has often been the recipient of a huge amount of abuse in the name of industry and progress. It is my goal, studying both the environment, and engineering to have the skillset nescisary to do the work needed to rehabilitate environmental damage, and insure that people can evolve in a way that does not put the health of our Earth at risk.