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Hello my name is Romero Perez. As of now I am undeclared but I soon plan to declare as an Environmental Resource Engineer Major. I am currently attending Humboldt State University. Over the summers I have worked mostly for restaurants being a waiter and also I have attended summer camps through an organization called Central Coast Future Leaders. I have participated in that as a Facilitator and peer-facilitator. Together we work to have a weeklong event where incoming high school freshmen can learn about public speaking, parliamentary procedure, assertiveness, High school A-G Requirements as well as goal setting. With all this we fit in time to have cultural workshops as well as other events that promote team building, self-discipline and community awareness. I am currently learning how to Code through Code Academy and I enjoy it a lot. Overall the summer while working I plan to learn more and be actively learning through Opencourseware where I can take online classes about engineering and environmental systems.