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6th Annual Junk Art Competition (Fall 2000)


For this competition I entered two pieces:


Millennium Observatory

Richard A. Paselk nfs

adult category


After they killed their Sun they made another

Richard A. Paselk nfs

adult category


The piece also included a "story" on a label on the base:


This object was found on the single planet of Jared's star in the globular cluster M13 by the third cluster planetary expedition. It was apparently constructed by the late post-collapse society as a model or religious object. It represents the dying central star with the oblate planet in its close artificial orbit, and the small artificial sun constructed by the so-called "wizards of M13" when they had somehow destroyed their own sun.
Musea Galactica acquisition number: M13-2454-pal390009238576

After the competition I replaced the base on the solar system model with one I made from a piece of hardwood my daughter Laura reclaimed from a winery where she worked. A close up image of the newly mounted piece is provided below:

7th Annual Junk Art Competition (Fall 2001)

For this competition I entered a single piece. The "artist statement" displayed with the piece is reproduced below.

Ringed Gas Giant Planet

Richard A. Paselk

I purchased the center of this piece, the float, years ago because of its beauty. This exhibition inspired the creation of a sculpture based on it. The piece has its roots in Renaissance models made for the parlors of wealthy patrons. While primarily a model for a planetary investigation in the far future, it is decorated with personally symbolic icons (male, female, & time) around the skirt of the stand.

Planet assembly: Large copper float, bronze pump impeller, large bronze ring seal, salvaged brazing rod pieces, cap-screws from hard drive.
Satellite assembly: Hard drive magnetic coil, precision heliometer solar cell, sapphire piston from high pressure pump, brass adding machine pulley, copper-nickel disk cut from 4" dia. pipe stock.
Stand: Brass drive shaft (turned), bronze pump impeller, cast iron regulator cover, 3 cast iron radiator brackets, 3 copper-finish bunk-bed bolts and nuts.

My methods of assembly include machining (drilling, threading with tap and die, lathe turning) and silver soldering. Components were cleaned and "polished" with a wire brush or steel wool and waxed.

Two "close-ups" of the piece are provided below:


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