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Amphibian Photos:

Anurans: Frogs & Toads

Arrow Poison Frogs

"Green & Black Arrow Frog" Dendrobates auratus Costa Rica
Red Spotted Arrow Frog Dendrobates hysteronicus Equador
Yellow Spotted Arrow Frog Dendrobates sp. Equador
Red Arrow Frog Dendrobates pumilio Costa Rica
Redbanded Arrow Frog Dendrobates lehmanni* Columbia
"Blue-sided Arrow Frog" Dendrobates sp. Costa Rica?
Green Arrow Frog Atelopus planispina Equador
Black Arrow Frog Atelopus ignisceus Equador
Yellow Harlequin Frog Atelopus varius ambulatorius Costa Rica
Yellow Harlequin Frogs  Atelopus varius ambulatorius  Costa Rica
Red Harlequin Frog Atelopus varius varius San José, Costa Rica
 * I originally had this specimen labeled Dendrobates tinctorius. Recent information indicates this was in error

Tree Frogs

  "Yellow-eyed Green Tree Frog" Hyla sp.*  
* According to Luke Balsavich (2008) this is in fact "Agalychnis annae, or the Blue-sided Leaf Frog, also called the Yellow-Eyed Leaf Frog." "The colors on the individual in the photo are its night colors"
  "Yellow Tree Frog" Hyla phlebodes Panama
  Rosenberg's Frog Hyla rosenbergi Panama
  "Small-headed Tree Frog" Hyla microcephala Panama
  Green Tree Frog Hyla cinerea Tennessee
  "Tree Frog" Hyla crepitans Venezuela
  "Tree Frog" Hyla crepitans Panama
  "Tree Frog" Hyla ebbrasata Panama
  California Tree Frog Hyla californiae Trabuco Canyon, CA
image icon of blue tree frog

Pacific Tree Frog

(blue mutation)

Hyla rigilla Eureka, CA (2008)
  Red-eyed Tree Frog Agalychnis callidras Panama
  Red-eyed Tree Frog Agalychnis callidras Panama
  Celonese Tree Frog Rhacophorus eques Sri Lanka
  Palm Frog   Bankok, Thailand
  Mystery frog 1    
  Grape Frog    

Miscellaneous Frogs

Leopard Frog Rana pipens Idaho
Spotted Frog Rana pretiosa Jerome, Idaho
Tiger Frog Rana tigrina crassa Colombo, Sri Lanka
Wood Frog Rana sylvatica Ohio
"Bankok Frog" Rana erythraeca Bankok, Thailand
 Foothill Yellow-legged Frog Rana boylei  Southern California
 "Blotched Frog" Rana blythii  
Mystery frog 2    
Climbing Toad Pedostibes hosei Malaya
Columbian Horned Frog Certophrys calcarata Columbia
Asiatic Horned Frog Megaphrys nasuta Bankok, Thailand
"Olive Frog" Gastrophryne olivacea Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
"Nairobi Frog" Phrynomerus bifasciatus Nairobi, Kenya
"Olive Frog" Gastrophryne o. olivacea Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Painted Frog Kaloula pulchra Thailand
Mystery Frog 3    
Mystery Frog 4    
Mystery Frog 5    
Mystery Frog 6    
Mystery Frog 7    
Mystery Frog 8    
Mystery Frog 9    
Surinam Toad Pipa pipa Surinam



Western Toad Bufo boreas halophilus Southern California
Great Plains Toad Bufo cognatus Indio, California
Gulf Coast Toad Bufo valliceps Aledo, Texas
Colorado River Toad Bufo alvarius Tempe, Arizona
"Texas Toad" Bufo sp. Trans-Pecos River bridge, Texas
Rocky Mountain Toad Bufo w. woodhousei Aledo, Texas
Marine Toad Bufo marinus Nayarit, Mexico
California Black Toad Bufo boreas exul Inyo Co. California
"Blomberg's Toad" Bufo blombergi Columbia
Red Spotted Toad Bufo punctatus Texas
African Toad Bufo regularis Kenya
Sonoran Green Toad Bufo retiformis Southern Arizona
Western Spadefoot Toad Scaphiopus hammondi Manhattan Beach, California
Great Basin Spadefoot Toad Scaphiopus intermontanus Jerome, Idaho

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