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Chem 485
Fall 2007 Seminar Checklist Office: SA560a
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This check list is provided to help you keep track of your Seminar preparation and Presentation.

Bring a copy of this sheet with you to the pre-seminar meetings to have it initialed!


Seminar Date:


Two Weeks (minimum) Prior to Seminar:

    Pre-Seminar meeting with Dr. Paselk:    


    • Bring a "discussion outline." This is a brief outline of your seminar giving the topics you intend to cover, approximate coverage for each section (e.g. introduction, background, body, etc.).
      • This outline is NOT graded - the intent is to enable me to help you polish, realign or, if necessary, re-purpose your talk.


One Week Prior to Seminar (previous Friday at Latest!):

    Seminar Title provided to Dr. Paselk and approved:
    Approved Seminar Title provided Department office for Poster:


Date of Seminar:

  1. Turn in your copy of this sheet with instructor initials for two pre-seminar deadlines.
  2. Turn a detailed seminar outline. In theory this outline would enable an experienced and chemically knowledgeable speaker such as your instructor to present your talk with, say, ten minutes lead time. It should also include:
    1. Hard-copy of outline.
    2. Hard-copies of all figures (this can be in multi-panel printout from PowerPoint etc., as long as figures are readable).
    3. Complete Reference list in a proper bibliographic format including the article title, e.g.

      Paselk, Richard A. and Daniel Levy (1976). Fluorine Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Trifluoroacetyl-insulin Derivatives: Effects of Salts and Denaturants. Biochim. Biophys. Acta., 439, 479-491.




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