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Richard A. Paselk

Chem 485
Fall 2007 Tentative Office: SA560a
Office Hours: MW 3-4, WF 2-3, Th 10-11; other times by appointment.

Phone: x 5719
Home: 822-1116
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* I will be out of town at a conference.
** These seminars will be "doubled up" - starting at 3 pm (1500) the hour prior to the regularly scheduled seminar.





1 8/24
"How to Present your Senior Seminar"
Susan Dobie, Communications Dept.
2 8/31
no seminar
3 9/7
4 9/14
"A Potential Alternative to Lithium in Managing Bipolar Disorder - Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3-beta Inhibition"
Steven Herrick, Chemistry Dept.
5 9/21

"Crystal Nanosponges"

A talk on the structure, synthesis, and function of a new class of nanoporous materials; metal-organic frameworks.

Will Baumgardner, Chemistry Dept.
6 9/28
"A Self-assembled Supramolecular Photoconductor"

Recent progress in organic photoelectric devices, discotic materials,
supramolecular design, and controlling self-assembly processes.

Frank Proa, Chemistry Dept.
7 10/5
"Photoelectric Melanin: Organic Harvesters of Radiation"
Jason Berumen, Chemistry Dept.

"Fuel from Biomass: A greener approach to synthesis of dimethylfuran as an alternative to ethanol"
Joni McAtee, Chemistry Dept.
9 10/19 "Sevenfold Coordination in the First Solvation Shell of Hg(II) Aqua Ion"
Abanehita "Aba" Esoimene, Chemistry Dept.
10 10/26
"Nanonpores: Big Potential(V) for Small Holes"
Aaron Rose, Chemistry Dept.
11 11/2
"Enantioselective Organocatalysis Using SOMO Activation"
**Brandt Wright, Chemistry Dept.


A look into the properties and ongoing research of capsaicin, the chemical in chili peppers that gives them their pungency, and its effects on the TRPV1 pain receptor and its contribution to new pharmaceuticals.

Ruby Llamas, Chemistry Dept.
12 11/9
"Fluorinated Pharmaceuticals Rise to the Occasion"
Trevor Sundquist, Chemistry Dept.
13 11/16
"Nanoglue and the Interfacial Toughening of Molecular Nanolayers"
**Carey Johnson, Chemistry Dept.
"Water catalysis in the lab, and beyond"
Allen Boltz, Chemistry Dept.
14 11/23

Thanksgiving Holiday
15 11/30

"Dissecting Breast Cancer Metastasis"

Biochemical & Pharmacological Studies Reveal a Link between Primary Tumor Growth & Pulmonary Metastasis

Jessica Preston, Chemistry Dept.
16 12/7


**Alex Haben, Chemistry Dept.
"DNA Origami: Folding DNA to Create Nanoscale Shapes and Patterns"
Dan Hunter, Chemistry Dept.



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