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Chem 451
Biochemical Toxicology

TTh 1400-1450 SA 564

Tentative Syllabus - Spring 2010

Office: SA560a & GH 122c
Office Hours: MW 1400-1450 (SA 560a); TR 1500-1550 (GH 122c)
Phone: x 5719 & x 5136
Home: 822-1116

Lecture Schedule: See Biochemical Toxicology on my Web Page (
Required: Timbrell, John A. Principles of Biochemical Toxicology 4th ed, Informa Healthcare, New York (2009)
My attitude towards texts is that they are references-to repeat, expand, clarify (or confuse!), and otherwise aid you in your endeavor to understand chemistry. I do not "require" that you buy a text-you're an adult, you should know what you require to "get through" a course-it's your decision. However, I strongly recommend purchasing a book. Timbrell will be the central text for most of this course. Timbrell and I may sometimes disagree. If you discover such a disagreement let's discuss it - I may decide to go along with Timbrell, agree to disagree and accept both points of view, or try to convince you as to why I'm correct (perhaps newer literature has moved the field, etc.).
Midterm exam: 100 pts.
Seminar: Outline @ 100 pts 100 pts
Presentation @ 50 pts 50 pts
Final exam: 200 pts
Total = 450 pts
A Word About Exams
Note the in-class exams dates and be certain you can make them. I do not generally give make-up exams. If you think you can't make an exam, please call me in advance. If you can't reach me, leave a message on my voice mail or via email. DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING UNTIL YOU GET A RESPONSE!

Grading Rubric

Your grade is determined on your total points based on the percentage cut-offs listed below:
  • A= 95
    A-= 90
    B+= 87
    B= 84
    B-= 80
    C+= 75
    C= 70
    C-= 65
    D+= 58
    D= 50
  • The actual distribution will be adjusted at the end of the semester with 100% set to a number less than the total number of points based on class performance. In the past I have often used the percentage of total points achieved by the top student as 100%. For example, if the top student received 90% of total points, then an "A" would be 95% of 90% = 85.5%.

Withdrawal/Drop Policy (from HSU Academic Senate):

You may drop this course for any reason without record up through the fourth week. After the 4th weekand until the 13th week withdrawal requires a "serious and compelling reason (see below) and will be recorded as a "W." After the 13th week only catastrophic withdrawals (see below) will be given - a grade of "WC" will be recorded.

When contemplating a Withdrawal, you should also be aware of the new CSU policies (Executive Order 1037; August 1, 2009) that place significant new restrictions on course repeats and withdrawals for undergraduate students. As a summary:

  1. Students may withdraw from no more than 18 semester-units (between census and the final 20% of instruction, with a serious and compelling reason).
  2. Students may repeat courses only if they earned grades lower than a C.
  3. Students may repeat up to 16 semester-units with grade forgiveness.
  4. Students may repeat up to an additional 12 semester-units with grades averaged.

Incompletes (from CSU Executive Order 1037)

"The “I” symbol shall be used only when the faculty member concludes that a clearly identifiable portion of course requirements cannot be met within the academic term for unforeseen reasons. An Incomplete shall not be assigned when it is necessary for the student to attend a major portion of the class when it is next offered."

"A student may not re-enroll in a course for which he or she has received an “I” until that “I” has been converted to a grade other than “I”; e.g., A-F, IC."

Campus Resources for Students

Disabilities may interfere with your success in this class. If you need accommodations for a disability, please contact our campus Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) and follow up with me as soon as possible. Our campus SDRC can assist you with the accommodation process and can be reached at (707) 826-5392 (TDD). The SDRC is located in the Learning Commons in the Libray basement..

Students with Disabilities

  • Disabilities may interfere with your success in this class. Students who wish to request disability-related accommodations should contact the Student Disability Resource Center in House 71, 826-4678 (voice) or 826-5392 (TDD).  Such accommodations may take up to several weeks to arrange. <>
  • Students needing accommodations should also contact the lecture instructor as soon as possible to facilitate/optimize their situation.
    • The Midterm exams are both designed to be 50 min exams, ALL students will be given the full period, that is time and on-half to complete them.
    • All quizzes are designed so the ALL students get double-time to complete them.

Student Support organizations

HSU Add/Drop Policy

Emergency Evacuation

Academic Honesty

Attendance and Disruptive Behavior

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