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Chem 451

Biochemical Toxicology

Spring 2010

Lecture Notes:: 30 March

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Toxic Responses, cont.

Chemical Carcinogenesis, Cont.

Cancer induction involves at least two kinds of events:

  1. an initiation phase.
  2. a promotion phase.

In general we can say

Induction involves either a direct of indirect interaction with the genetic material such as:

Cancer may often involve a failure of the repair/policing responses of the organism:


Teratogenesis involves interference with normal development in utero. Stedman's Medical Dictionary (1972) defines teratogenesis as "The origin or mode of production of a monster" and/or "the production of malformations in the developing embryo."

Teratogenesis is highly complex, but one should expect that it should be easy to disturb such a complex and highly coordinated process as development, and that the timing of the disturbance should be important. (Timbrell 4th, Figures 6.22, p 239 and 6.23, p 240)

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