Humboldt State University ® Department of Chemistry

Richard A. Paselk

Chemistry 438L - Fall 2000


This year the biochemistry laboratory is going to be operated a bit differently from past tradition at HSU. For the first half of this semseter the laboratory will be scheduled as a normal lab with two three hour meetings per week. The experiments will be largely taken without modification from the lab manual (Ninfa & Ballou). For the second half of the semester the experiments will be well defined (from the lab manual or handouts), but you will be able to work in the lab any time during the week from 8 am to 5 pm. Because of restrictions on the lifetimes of solutions, set-ups etc. you will still have to do the experiments within defined time periods (as an example, I might assign an experiment X which must then be completed during weeks 10-12). For next semester (Chem 432) we will be doing "projects" where I will expect you to chose a method, determine the chemicals required, submit an "order" to the stockroom, make up all of your own solutions, and do the experiment. Schedules will obviously be more flexible, and I currently plan to allow you 24 h/d 7 d/w laboratory access with keys checked out to individual students.


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