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Chem 438L - Biochemistry

Nature style Laboratory Reports: Article (Ligand Binding)

30 pts

We have recently isolated the albumin from local eggs (Humboldt Homegrown Family Egg Cooperative) suffering from a strange pattern of fat deposition. Since albumin is known to be involved in carrying fatty acids around to the various tissue there is some interest in determining the binding properties of the cow's albumin. We are going to investigate its equilibrium binding compared to normal bovine albumin. For methods you should see Boyer and the original literature article cited in Boyer. Burt has the purified albumin samples provided by Humboldt Homegrown Dairy Farm Cooperative, Inc.

1 Report is organized into appropriate sections [ /10 % ]
2 Introduction: contains background (why is problem interesting what has been done before, etc.) & statement of hypothesis [ /10 % ]
3 Tables & Figures have appropriate labels and are well done [ /10 % ]
4 Legends for Tables and Figures: 1) describe in adequate detail for the informed reader to understand and evaluate the quality of your work without having to go to the literature. This description, along with cited references, should allow the reader to repeat the work. [ /10 % ]
Any special chemicals or equipment should be listedÑi.e. HPLC solvents, biochemicals etc., chromatographic media, special ized apparatus and glassware etc. and 2) summarize/present your findings in brief written statements [ /10 % ]
5 Discussion: (main body in Nature letter) relates your results to initial hypothesis, and what is known/accepted from other sources. Discussion of errors, problems etc. may be appropriate here. Your conclusions are stated here. [ /20 % ]
6 Literature: sources cited properly [ /10 % ]
7 Report is written in appropriate style, grammar and spelling are
correct [ /10 % ]
8 General wonderfulness [ /10 % ]

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