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Laboratory Regulations: Waste Disposal

Hazardous material should only be used by appropriately trained individuals while under the supervision of qualified personnel. These laboratory regulations are only intended for use by students, faculty and staff at Humboldt State University.

From Chem 438L Laboratory Safety Regulations

G. Waste and Clean-up

1. Excess chemicals must be disposed of; they generally cannot be recycled. Therefore, do not take more of a chemical than is needed for an experiment. You may obtain more later if you find that you have underestimated your needs.

2. All chemicals should be disposed of in an approved manner. Do not put any chemical down the sink unless specifically told to do so. If you are not certain of the proper disposal technique, check with your laboratory instructor or the stockroom/lab manager.

3. Never put solids down the drain. Do not try to wash paper towels, rubber tubing, matches, boiling chips, broken glass, etc. down the drain--they will only clog the drain. Put such materials in the appropriate waste containers.

4. Broken glass must be put into the containers designated for that purpose.

5. Each day, before you leave your lab bench, clean off the bench surface. Remove matches and papers, and wipe down the surface with water and paper towels.

L. Independent Study Student Responsibilities

5. You are required to determine proper and safe disposal and cleanup procedures for all chemical waste before conducting an experiment or using any chemical. Plan ahead and consult with faculty and/or staff on proper disposal and cleanup methods. Remember, if you are working outside of normal working hours and haven't determined, and arranged for, proper disposal/cleanup procedures, you cannot do the experiment!



In addition to reagent label requirements, waste labels must include:


What is Waste?

Any of the following:
Definition of a waste Waste - (Health and Safety Code 25122)

Definition of a waste Waste - (Health and Safety Code 25117 (a) and (b)
A waste or combination of wastes which, because of its quantity, concentration, or physical, chemical or infectious characteristics, is capable of any of the following:

Criteria for Identification of a California Hazardous Waste

Time limits

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