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Chem 438L
Fall 2000 Tentative Office: SA470b
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Laboratory Schedule

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Home: 822-1116
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Required Text: Ninfa & Ballou. Fundamentals Laboratory Approaches for Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Fitzgerald Science Press (1998)

Attendance: Attendance in the laboratory is required. You can not pass this course if you miss 3 or more labs. Since the introductory lecture at the beginning of each laboratory includes safety hazards and protocols as well as experimental procedures, you must be present for the introductory lecture. Many reagents have short lifetimes, are expensive, and must be made specifically for each laboratory experiment. Thus experiments may not be made up.

Supplies: Approved Eye-Protection (see safety regulations) and a bound Laboratory Notebook are required. Nitrile goves, Sharpie™ markers or equivalent, and a lab coat are recommended. I will provide used floppy disks for free upon request.



Week Date



1 8/29 Laboratory Safety; Check-in N&B Chap. 1 & 13


Gel Filtration Chromatography: Myoglobin Extraction from Hamburger N&B Chap. 2 & J. Chem. Ed. (1997) 74 (4), pp 426-30 (library reserve)
2 -3 9/5-14 Isolation & Characterization of Alkaline Phosphatase N&B Chap 4, 6, & 7
4 9/19, 21 Enzyme Kinetics: KM, Vmax(Alkaline Phosphatase from Expt 7) N&B Chap 6 & 8


9/26, 28

Enzyme Kinetics: Product Inhibition (Alkaline Phosphatase from Expt 7)  
6 10/3, 4 Gel Electrophoresis (Alkaline Phosphatase from Expt 7) N&B Chap 5
7 10/10, 12 Equilibrium Ligand Binding N&B Chap 10 & Boyer, Experiment 5 (library reserve)


10/17, 19

Catch-up; Lab Final  

* N&B = Ninfa & Ballou. Fundamentals Laboratory Approaches for Biochemistry and Biotechnology.


Lab Reports


Due Date

Write-up Style

 Myoglobin extraction

 Sept. 7

Nature Figure Just do a Figure as seen in the journal Nature, and modelled in the grading sheet. The data from your three plots should be represented.
 Isolation & Char. of Alkaline Phosphatase

 Oct. 5

Materials and Methods as in JBC (described in lab text)
 Kinetics and Electrophoresis for Alk. Pase.

 Oct. 12

Results as in JBC (described in lab text)
 Equilibrium Ligand Binding

 Oct. 26

Letter as in Nature, including figures, tables (as appropriate), references etc.

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