Glycolysis Pathway diagram













Phosphoglycerate Mutase: 3-PGA to 2-PGA

Structural equation for PGA mutase


PGA Mutase Mechanism

3-PGA + E-P equilibrium arrows 2,3-bisPGA + E equilibrium arrows 2-PGA + E-P


Molecular mechanism for PGA Mutase
















Pyruvate Kinase: PEP to Pyruvate

Structural equation for Pyruvate kinase reaction





Here we have an attack by ADP:

Molecular mechanism for PK (simplified)

















Lactate DH

Structural equation for Lactate DH reaction









Simplified molecular mechanism for Lactate DH


























Gluconeogenesis vs. Glycolysis pathway diagram


















Pyruvate carboxylase

Diagramatic Pyruvate Carboxylase reaction














Pyruvate carboxylase - part 1, Biotin carboxylation

Molecular mechanism of part 1 of Pyruvate carboxylate reaction
















Pyruvate carboxylase - part 2, activated carbxyl transfer

Molecular mechanism of part 2 of Pyruvate carboxylate reaction














Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK)

Structural equation for PEPCK reaction



















Pathway diagram for gluconeogenesis in the liver



















Pentose Phosphate Pathway diagram



















Transketolase Mechanism, Part 1

transketolase mechanism part 1





















Transketolase Mechanism, Part 2

transketolase mechanism part 2

















Pentose Phosphate Sugar Interconversions

Pentose phophate pathway flow diagram




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