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Chemistry 438 - Spring 2011

 Exam 2 Study Guide

Spring 2011

Note Weekly Reviews on web, weeks 7-11. Note much of this info is ID to Study Guide, but some new things are there.

Review: Study Guide I material, particularly on enzymes and enzyme catalysis, as it pertains to metabolism.


Lipids & Membranes



Vitamins and Cofactors

What are vitamins?


Overview of Metabolism: Catabolism. Anabolism. Autotroph. Phototroph. Chemotroph.

Thermodynamics: What is thermodynamics? What can it tell you about a process? Pathway independent.

Energy capture in catabolism: ATP is the common energy "currency" of metabolism.

Know the Stages of Metabolism and what major processes occur in each stage.

Energy regulation in catabolism:

Memorize structures for: ATP, ADP, AMP, NAD+, NADH, NADP+, NADPH; phosphorylated derivatives of sugars (G-6-P, G-1-P, F-1,6-P etc.); glyceraldehyde, glycerate and phosphorylated derivatives; Pyruvate, lactate and PEP


Glycolysis Review

Gluconeogenesis and Glycolytic Control

Know how glycolysis/gluconeogenesis is controlled.

Pyruvate Metabolism

Kreb's Cycle

Memorize structures for the chemically active portions of: TPP, FAD, Lipoamide.

Kreb's Cycle/Glucose Metabolism Review


Pentose Phosphate Shunt

Discussion Topics

Note the links to answers for selected discussion topics.

You may bring a data/information sheet to the exam, however you must not exceed one side of a single sheet of 8.5"x 11" paper (total surface of one-half of one standard sheet of paper) for this sheet! GOOD LUCK!


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