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Chemistry 438 - Spring 2007


Each week there will be a new discussion assignment appearing on this page for Friday's discussion. You are expected to be prepared to participate. If you havn't seen it by Monday, tell me!

There are a significant number of points given for discussion, of which half are given for participation. For this reason, attendance at discussion will be taken and your score will be proportioned by attendance. This part of Discussion is graded on participation and evidence you have done the reading, not brilliance or cleverness (you won't lose points for foolish or ignorant responses).

The remaining half of the Discussion points will be based on written assignments derived from the discussions or activities. These will be due the during the next scheduled discussion period.

I have put together list for sites on the web which may be useful check out the References page.





1 1/15-19

Vitamins and nutrition

Newsweek; Horton Chap 7
2 1/22-26


see assignment
3 1/29-2/2

Tracing Life's Circuitry

see assignment
4 2/5-9
The Prion Diseases
see assignment
5 2/12-16
Molecular Chaperons and Protein Folding
see assignment
6 2/19-23
Case Study - Hemoglobin Pathologies
see assignment; Hb-Mol of Month
7 2/26-3/2
Exam I - Friday, March 2, 1500-1650 (Discussion periods)
8 3/5-9
Case Study - Cystic Fibrosis
see assignment
9 3/12-16 Spring Break
10 3/19-23
Thermodynamic Bees
see assignment
11 3/26-30
No Discussion - Ceasar Chavez Holiday
12 4/2-6
Case Study - Fructosemia & Galactosemia
see assignment

4/9-13  Exam II - Friday, April 13, 1500-1650 (Discussion periods)  
14 4/16-20
Exercise Metabolism in Vertebrates
see assignment
15 4/23-27
Case Study - Hypoglycemia
16 4/30-5/4  



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