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Spring 2008

Lecture Notes: 13 March

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Read the case study (Oncores, or go to Moodle for a copy) and explain the various clinical findings in detailed biochemical terms, as requested below.

This case study requires some thought and a medical dictionary, but its a lot of fun. The level of detail on your "metabolic interactions" handout gives a basis for amino acid metabolism. You should start there and build as/if necessary.

Answer the questions below:

  1. Why is the patient so liable to hypoglycemia?
    1. Does glucose result in hypoglycemia?
    2. Why do both fructose and glycerol produce hypoglycemia?
  2. Would you expect amino acid metabolism to be affected by her condition?
    1. Does does her condition mimic fasting, overeating, or normal feeding (think)?
    2. How and why?
  3. Why is she getting fat deposition in her liver?
    1. What is/are the metabolic source/s of this fat?
    2. Give a thorough, "all encompassing" picture of sources (e.g. fat from adipose, dietary glucose, dietary protein, etc.) and reasoning.
  4. Why is she so subject to acidosis?
    1. What compounds would you expect are contributing to the acidosis?
    2. To what cause(s) can you attribute the change in carbon dioxide concentration?

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