Humboldt State University ® Department of Chemistry

Richard A. Paselk

 Chem 432

Final Exam, Part 2


 Spring 1996

 (50 pts)

(Part 1 of this Final Exam was the ACS Standardized Exam for Biochemistry)


(8) 1. What is the C-value paradox? What is the underlying explanation which explains away this "paradox"?


(12) 2. Define/describe the following:

a. Tandem gene clusters:


b. Hyperchromic shift:


c. Euchromatin:


d. Clustered gene families:

(20) 3. Discuss the major theme(s) from the seminar which you consider to have been the most informative (your choice - but not your own). Make sure you tell which (whose) seminar you have chosen!Organize your thoughts before putting pen or pencil to paper, be brief and to the point. Do not use more than one side of this sheet.



(10) 4. Describe the structure, including hierachical levels, of eukaryotic chromatin. Be sure to include any proteins or recognized substructures involved at the various levels.

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