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Richard A. Paselk

Chemistry 328 - SUMMER 2004

Brief Organic Chemistry

To the User: This web site is intended to help my students succeed in my Organic chemistry course. I will try to post study guides by Monday of the week of the exam. If you don't see them by then complain!

I will post my lecture notes following each lecture. They are accessed via "Lecture Notes" below.

I use the font "symbol" for arrows, Greek letters etc. This font is often not loaded by Explorer, so if you see funny symbols or inappropriate letters that's probably what's happening. As a common example, " Æ " is an arrow.

Review Session: Th 12-1:30pm

SA 460

(The Final will be approximately 100 pts based on Exams 1 & 2 and Quizzes 1-3; the remaining 100 pts will be new material: Chap 12 to end)

Tutoring - Contact the Learning Center:

8-5 M-F, or call x 5217 (Ashley)


Tentative Schedule New Schedule Posted, 6/29

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