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Richard A. Paselk

Chem 438 Brief Organic Chemistry R. Paselk
Summer 2004

Laboratory Schedule, Summer 2004

Office: SA470b
Office Hours: T: 1020-1120,
other times by appointment
Phone: x 5719
Home: 822-1116

* Laboratory reports for these experiments are due on the period following the completion of the experiment (completion is noted by an asterisk). Note ­ The extraction experiment is three periods long, combined with recrystallization and melting points. The dehydration of 2-methylcyclohexanol and gas chromatography labs are combined. Late reports will only be accepted with prior permission from the instructor.

Ý For synthesis experiments, the "Balanced Reaction" and "Table of Reactants and Products" must be completed before you start the lab.

1 6/2 Check-in and Laboratory Safety
6/2 Structure and Isomerism (worksheet) 3
2 6/7 Molecular Conformations (worksheet) 8
6/9 Thin Layer Chromatography (Technique Experiment)* 14
6/10 Extraction ­ Separation of a Mixture of Benzoic Acid and p-Dimethoxybenzene (Technique Experiment) (note: this experiment lasts for 3 periods) 17
3 6/14 Recrystallization ­ Purification of Benzoic Acid and p-Dimethoxybenzene (Technique Experiment) 20
6/16 Analysis of Extraction and Recrystallization Products
by Melting Points and TLC (Technique Experiment)* 21
6/17 (+)-Limonene from Orange Peel (Technique Experiment)* 23
4 6/21 Dehydration of 2-Methylcyclohexanol (Synthesis Experiment)Ý
Gas Chromatography of Dehydration Products*
AND Soap Making (No Report)
6/24 Bromination of Acetanilide (Synthesis Experiment)Ý* 25
5 6/28 Synthesis of Ethyl Heptanoate (Synthesis Experiment)Ý 32
Qualitative Organic Unknown*
AND Boiling Point of Ethyl Heptanoate*
7/1 Check Out

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