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Chemistry 110 - Summer 2006

To the User: This web site is intended to help my students succeed in my General Chemistry course. It includes the syllabus and schedule. Study guides (initially from Fall 2003) will be updated and posted the Friday prior to the exams (if you don't see them, bug me as I often forget). I will include my lecture notes as I create them (available after each lecture is given, accessed via "Lecture Notes" below - if you want to "read ahead" check my archived notes from F 2003). These are the notes I give my lectures from. Details, stories, expansions and variations on explanations, and corrections may not appear on them. Because these notes are un-edited, they are not error-free. Use them at your own risk, and please inform me of errors via e-mail so I may correct them!


Tentative Schedule

Lecture Notes



Sample Exams:

Study Guides: Study guides will be posted for each exam by Friday of the week before the scheduled examination period. If you don't see one by then, please remind me! To let you "get ahead" I have left the study guides from Fall 2003 posted. I will indicate when this years final version is posted.


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