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Summer 2006

Lecture Notes: Lec 1 30 May

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Lecture Schedule

If you want to read ahead you may want to look at my lecture notes for Chem 110, Fall 2003 in my Course Archive. These notes will be very similar, with the caveat that each leacture in Summer is 1.5 lectures in Fall!

Review of Aqueous Equilibria

Acid-Base Chemistry

Brønsted-Lowry Acid/Base Theory:

        H2O  H+  + OH- 
         acid       conj. base
     H+ +  OH-    H2O  
        base    conj. acid    
 H3O+  H+  +  H2O    OH- + H+ 


conj. acid 




  conj. base  

Strong vs. Weak Acids & Bases

Remember, these terms refer to the degree of dissociation of an acid or base, not its concentration:

The pH Scale

The concentration of hydronium ion in water is extremely influential on all kinds of chemistry. The range of hydronium ion concentration in water is also vast, with extremes of about 10M to about 10-15M, and commonly ranging from 1M - 10-14M. In order to accomodate this vast range of concentration conveniently we look instead at the logarithm of [H+] (recall that log 10x = x) and define a new term,

pH = -log[H+]

Let's look at some general characteristics of pH.

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