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Chemistry 109 - Spring 2015


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To the User: This web site is intended to help my students succeed in my General Chemistry course. I have included the syllabus, schedules, study guides and sample exams (see below). Finally, I have included my lecture notes (available after each lecture is given, accessed via "Lecture Notes" below). These are the notes I give my lectures from. Thus details, stories, expansions and variations on explanations, and corrections may not appear on them. Try as I may, errors inevitably occur in these notes so please inform me of errors you find via e-mail!

Study guides will be posted for each exam by Wednesday of the week before the scheduled examination period.

If you don't see it by then, please remind me! I have the Spring 2014 versions posted for those who wish to get ahead, I do not expect this semesters version to change by much.

These examples are to give you an idea of the kinds and depth of questions I ask. The length of expected exams this semester will be about 25% shorter than the example exams. The order of topics was different in 1994, so don't be surprized if some of the material is unfamiliar.

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