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Chem 109 Supplemental Study Modules

To the User: This web site is intended to help my students succeed in my Fundamentals of Chemistry course. These problem set/study modules are for practice. They include answer keys with worked out answers to the initial examples and just answers to later examples.

"Reflection" questions

Each exercise also includes a list of "reflection" questions. These are based on modern learning theory and are intended to aid student success - Please think about them and answer them in writing during and/or after each exercise to optimize your learning

Supplemental Study Modules

  1. Significant Figures

  2. Atoms and Isotopes

  3. Nomenclature

  4. Stoichiometry: Moles, Balancing by Inspection

  5. Reaction Stoichiometry Problems (Yields, Limits etc.)

  6. Net Ionic Equations

  7. Redox Equation Balancing-Acidic Solution

  8. Redox Equation Balancing-Basic Solution

  9. Oxidation-Reduction Numbers

  10. Gas Laws

  11. Thermochemistry

  12. Energy & Light

  13. Quantum Numbers, Electronic Structures of Atoms & Periodicity

  14. Lewis Structures

  15. VSEPR Theory and Molecular Geometry

  16. Vapor Pressure and Enthalpy

  17. Colligative Properties

  18. Chemical Equilibria

  19. Chemical Dissociation Equilibria

  20. pH and Buffer (Acid/Base Equilibria) Problems



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