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Chem 109 - General Chemistry - Spring 2013

Lecture Notes 2: 25 January


Note Amy Cuddy video link and study suggestions on notes for first day.

What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is the study of matter and its transformations.

More specifically, chemistry is the scientific study of matter. So what do we mean by science? Two common "definitions" for Science:

The remaining steps are noted below:


Significant figures:

For measurements we want to be sure we convey the precision (repeatability) of our measurements using significant figures. [covered in lab & problem set] You should note a couple of aspects of significant figures:

caliper with one quarter

caliper closeup

What is the reading (clicker question for last digit)? (0.18±0.01)

10 quarter caliper measurement

What is the measured value (clicker question for last digit)? (1.72±0.01)


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