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Lab & Discussion - Spring 2013

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Tentative Discussion/Laboratory Schedule

Check this page WEEKLY for Discussion topics, Quiz topics etc.!


Laboratory Quiz
1 (1/21-25) No Discussion first week due to Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

Check-in/Laboratory Safety;

*Bring your lab manual to lab!*

No Quiz
2 (1/28-2/1)

Laboratory Measurements and Significant Figures - Discussion Manual - LA & PS-A; Chap 1 homework - significant figures, exponential notation, solving problems with dimensional analysis.

LC–Determination of Density

1/Sig figs; Dimen Anal
3 (2/4-2/8) Discussion Study Module 2 & Module 3 (Nomenclature; Atomic Structure); Chap 2 & Chap 3.1-3.2 homework.

LD–Gravimetric Analysis

Q2/Naming Cmpds; Atom Structure
4 (2/11-15) Discussion Study Module 4 & Module 5a (moles-reaction stoichiometry); Chap 3.3-3.10 homework.

LF–Estimation of Avogadro's Number

Q3/Stoich.; Rxn Stoich.
5 (2/18-22) Discussion Study Module 6 & Module 7 (Net ionic reactions - precipitation, acid/base; Redox balancing by half-reactions) Chap 4 homework

LS–Ionic Reactions and Net Ionic Equations

Q4/Net Ion Rxn; redox bal. (acid only)
6 (2/25-3/1) Discussion Study Module 9 (oxidation numbers)

LR–Acid-Base Titration (Part 2)–20 Points**

Q5/Oxidation Num.; Molarity
7 (3/4-8) Discussion Study Module 10 (gases and gas law problems) Chap 5 homework

LH– Gas Laws

Q6/Gas Prob., Partial P.
8 (3/11-15)

Discussion Study Module 11 (calorimetry, Hess Law problems) Chap 6 homework

LI–Molar Volume of Oxygen–20 Points**

Q7/Calorimetry/heat capacity; Hess's Law.
9 (3/18-22)

Spring Break

10 (3/25-29) Discussion Study Module 12(energy & light); Discussion Study Module 13 (Quantum numbers, problems 1–4) Chapter 7 homework for Quantum Numbers (QN)

LG–Thermochemistry of a Reaction in Solution

Q8/Light vs. Energy; Quantum Numbers
11 (4/1-4/5)

Discussion cancelled due to Cesar Chavez Holiday

Lewis Structures - Discussion Manual - PS-G; Do Problem on your own - should be completed before Molecular Geometry discussion week 12! No Discussion Module.

LM–Absorption Spectrophotometry

No Quiz
12 (4/8-12) Discussion Study Module 13 (Electronic configurations, problems 5–8) Chapter 7 homework for electronic configurations.

LJ–Analysis of a Zin-Al Alloy–20 Points**

Q9/electronic configurations; Periodicity
13 (4/15-20) Discussion Study Module 14 & Module 15 (Lewis Structures, VSEPR Theory and Polarity) Molecular Geometry - Discussion Manual - LN. Heating/Cooling curves and problems.

LQ–Molecular Mass by Freezing-Point Depression

Q10/Lewis Structures & Mol. Geom.
14 (4/22-27)

Discussion Study Module 17 (Colligative Properties) Chapter 11.4-11.7 along with relevant Homework Problems on Schedule


LX–Ionic Equilibrium

Q11/Colligative properties, Concentration.
15 (4/29-5/3) Discussion Study Module 17 (Colligative Properties) Chapter 11.4-11.7 along with relevant Homework Problems on Schedule and Chapter 10 problems 33–39, p 488d & 93–97, p 492.

LZ–Titration Curves

Q12/Heating/Cooling Prob.; Colligative properties, Concentration.
16 (5/6-10) Discussion Study Module 18 (Chemical Equilibria); Discussion Study Module 19(Chemical Dissociation Equilibria) Chapter 13 along with relevant Homework Problems on ScheduleDiscussion Study Module 20 (pH and Buffers {Acid/Base Equilibria}) Chapter 14.-7 & 15.1-2 along with relevant Homework Problems on Schedule

Lab Drawer Check-out: there is a minimum charge of $25 for not checking out!

Q13/Le Chat. Prin.; Chem. Equilibrium Problems pH & Buffer problems

** Graded Lab–report due at end of Period! Students work independently, NO COLLABORATION or HELP FROM INSTRUCTOR ALLOWED once lab begins!



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