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Chem 107 - Fall 2009
Fundamentals of Chemistry

To the User: This web site is intended to help my students succeed in my Fundamentals of Chemistry course. I have included the syllabus, study guides and sample exams (see below). Finally, I have included my lecture notes (available after each lecture is given, accessed via "Lecture Notes" below). These are the notes I give my lectures from. Thus details, stories, expansions and variations on explanations, and corrections may not appear on them. Because these notes are un-edited they should not be considered the "final word." Use them at your own risk, and please inform me of errors via e-mail!


engraving of 1890 Carl Zeiss refractometerSyllabus

Tentative Schedule

Lecture Notes

Laboratory - Quiz topics posted weekly on Lab Schedule!

Supplemental Study Modules

These modules are intended to aid your success in specific topics/quizzes in this course. These Study modules will NOT be available for every week's discussions/quizzes - I am creating/updating them as we progress, so check regularly.

Chemistry Department General Chemistry Supplements

Sample Exams: These examples are to give you an idea of the kinds and depth of questions I ask and the length of expected exams. However, the order of topics was different in 1996, so don't be surprized if some of the material is unfamiliar.

Study Guides: Study guides will be posted for each exam by Friday of the week before the scheduled examination period. If you don't see it by then, please remind me!

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