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Chem 107 Supplemental Study Modules

To the User: This web site is intended to help my students succeed in my Fundamentals of Chemistry course. These problem set/study modules are for practice. They include answer keys with worked out answers to the initial examples and just answers to later examples.

"Reflection" questions

Each exercise also includes a list of "reflection" questions. These are based on modern learning theory and are intended to aid student success - Please think about them and answer them in writing during and/or after each exercise to optimize your learning

Supplemental Study Modules - New modules will be added as we get to them!

  1. Atoms and Isotopes

  2. Nomenclature

  3. Stoichiometry, Moles and Concentration

  4. Balancing Chemical Equations by Inspection

  5. Balancing Net Ionic Equations

  6. Reaction Stoichiometry, Limiting Problems

  7. Periodicity and Atomic Structure

  8. Lewis Structures

  9. VSEPR Theory and Molecular Geometry

  10. Gas Laws

  11. Colligative Properties

  12. Reaction Diagrams & Chemical Equilibrium

  13. Chemical Dissociation Equilibria

  14. pH and Buffer (Acid/Base Equilibria) Problems

  15. Oxidation Numbers

  16. Redox Equation Balancing-Acidic Solution


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