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General Chemistry

Fall 2009


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Discussion Modules


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Stoichiometry, Moles and Concentration

1. How many moles of chlorine are there in 1.5 moles of iron(III) chloride?

2. How many moles of hydrogen are there in 0.763 moles of ammonium sulfide?

3. How many moles of aluminum are there in 2.34 g of aluminum foil?

4. How many moles of oxygen are there in a 76.94 g sample of air containing 19% oxygen?

5. Given a sample of 10.265 mol of silver phosphide:

a. How many grams of silver are there in this sample?

b. How many atoms of silver are there in this sample?

6. How many grams of hydrogen would be needed to make 1.023 mol of ethanol (CH3CH2OH)?

7. How many atoms are there in 3.00 grams of tin?


In addition to these exercises you should familiarize yourself with the text materials.

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