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Richard A. Paselk

Chem 107

Chemical Labeling Information

Reagent Labels

Reagent bottle labels produced by the HSU Chemistry Department stockroom have the following information and appearance:

Items 2 - 4 should appear on all chemical container labels produced by students as well.

1. JT Baker Chemical SAF-T-DATA™ Rating System (Not Required) The Chemistry Department at HSU has chosen to provide this information as a guide when it is available.

2. Chemical Name (must be spelled out) formula is acceptable only as an addition.

3. Physical State (Solid,Liquid,Gas) and Concentration (if liquid).

4. In addition: If used as a reagent by more than one individual or left longer than 24 hours the following: Warning words indicating the particular hazards such as Corrosive, Flammable, Poison (Toxic); Target Organs; Physical State (Solid, Liquid, Gas); Contents/Composition and their approximate proportions (for Mixtures)

Some Definitions:

Corrosive. [22 CCR 66261.22]

Poison/Toxic . [22 CCR 66261.24]


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