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Chem 107

Fundamentals of Chemistry

Fall 2009

Lecture Notes: 25 August

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Introduction to Fundamentals of Chemistry (Chem 107)


How to Study:


We will be using Clickers this semester to interact in lecture and to take attendance - make sure you bring your clicker starting the second week!


We will be using ARIS as a graded on-line homework. I will email the class with instructions for getting on to ARIS before Thursday's lecture.

About Me:

My degree and formal training is in Biochemistry and Biophysics, I've been teaching Biochemistry in the CSU since 1974. I've also taught Clinical chemistry (what they test your blood for at the hospital and what it means), Environmental chemistry, Toxicology, and Chemical instrumentation. I also have a strong background in history of science and scientific instruments, evolution and the Precambrian (check out my web museums).

What is Chemistry?

H2 balloons.

Chemistry is the study of matter and its transformations.

More specifically, chemistry is the scientific study of matter.

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