HSU Environmental Resources Engineering

Engineer's Code of Ethics


My name is Jonathan, but as I met people, they would always come up with nicknames for me like John, chicken, padawon, and others. As you can see my name is really common for this reason I don’t mind when people give me crazy nicknames. I was born in Los Angeles but at an early age my family moved to a small country in Central America called Guatemala. There I lived for eight years, then I moved back to Los Angeles and lived with my brother for two years. I never liked LA. LA is one of the most crowded, disgusting and trashy city there is in California. Seen this atrocious city made me think there were more cities out there like this one.Because of this problem I decided I wanted to help this cities and make the public health better. One way of doing this was Environmental Engineering.

During high school I join the cross country team on my school. Running would always drive me away from the city and took my mind off on how much I hated it there. When I graduated high school I knew I wanted to get away from there, therefore I apply to many schools especially outside the country. However, when I found about HSU I immediately fell in love with it specially with their ERE course. I gave myself a chance to remain in California and go to this “isolated” school. When I arrived here I notice it was not isolated at all instead a really small city next to the forest where life as a meaning and green means something else rather than money.

Other few things about myself is that I love been outdoors and play any sport just for fun. I like playing videogames on my computer, and just hangout with friends and have fun

Hero's Engine

Hero (Heron in English) of Alexandria was a Greek Mathematician that lived in Ptolemaic Egypt. He was also an engineer who invented the aeolipile (Hero's Engine), which was develope in his native land in Alexandria. This device uses steam as a source of power. Hero's Engine consist of a glass rotor connected to a bowl with water where is boiled by gas or wood to convert the water into steam. Later, this steam travels through pipes that are connected to the glass. This steam then scaped the glass through two tubes allowing the glass to rotate in its axis (horizontal axis). This is a great environmental friendly invention because according to Wikipidia is a "rocket-style jet engine" powerd by steam.