Present Position

  • Emeritus Prof. of Mathematics
  • Independent Science Advisory Board for the Columbia River Basin
  • Executive Secretary, Resource Modeling Association



Visiting Professor

  • Colorado State University (Fishery and Wildlife Biology) 2004, 1998-99
  • University of Natal, South Africa 1993
  • Univ. of British Colombia 1979-80 and 1987
  • Univ. of Victoria 1986
  • University of Perugia, Italy 1982

Math Links

American Mathematical Society
Resource Modeling Association

News and Sports Links

Conservation International

Other Interests

  • Travel, whitewater rafting, kayaking, running, wildlife photography, model railroads, designing and building arts and crafts furniture.
  • Click here for images from the Thelon River, 2004.

Information about the 2005 RMA World Conference, along with information about Ecological Modeling at Humboldt State University, can be found here.

Last Updated : 7/8/2008