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Former Affiliations

CSSC, 2004-2008

Tent State, 2004-5

ASCC, 2005-2008

SSCCC, 2007

CBC, 2007-2011

YP4 Fellow, 2009


Research Interests


Wave Power

Recharging Aquifers

Water Catchment


Sustainable Development

About Ryan

Before enrolling at Humboldt State, I was a very active student at Cabrillo College, where I served as Legislative Representative in the Student Senate (ASCC) for 3 years and as a Regional Representative to the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC). I earned the ASCC leadership award the year that I co-founded the Cabrillo Bike Cooperative (CBC) the Sustainability Club, and organized Earth Week. I have also served as the treasurer of a 501(c)3 non-profit organization for a few years. Incidental to this volunteer work, I learned about grant writing, legislation, academic funding, leadership, institutional processes and more.

This year I am a first year transfer student at HSU in the ERE department. I was accepted as a Community Advocate in the Maple House on campus. In exchange for free room and board I have the distinct pleasure to help new and returning students enjoy their college experience while meeting their academic and personal goals, staying safe and healthy, and integrating into the Humboldt State community through events, activities, programs and resources on campus.

It is so exciting to be at HSU in the ERE department where important research is taking place and motivated minds are working diligently to make a thriving, sustainable culture the norm.